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 Card Game"BABIES?" 
-How many BABIES?- 
Card Game JAPONICA Series No. 3 


Card Game ”BABIES?”
-How many BABIES?-


Japan’s first card game
based upon the number of babies/eggs the animals produce!


Great opportunity to learn about “the importance of life”, “fragile life”, “ecological pyramid” as well as “environmental protection” by getting to know the different number of lives that are born into this world!


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What is this game about?

Card game "BABIES?"


  • It’s the card game based upon the number of babies/eggs that animals produce!
  • Number of babies/eggs of each animal is written on top left corner of each card!
  • 100 different animals will appear in this game!
  • Each card has lively, realistic illustration of an animal!
  • There are 2 different ways to play the game! Both are quite simple that children can also enjoy!
  • Instruction sheet with animal categories & gameplay rules included!


Card Game BABIES?
 Instruction sheet
with animal categories & gameplay rules included!


How to play (rules)

 There are 2 gameplay types《1》and《2》. 

《1》Countdown Type

Each player places 1 card onto the discard pile in turn like, a card with large number à a card with a smaller number à another card with a smaller number than the previous card, etc. The first player to have no more remaining card in hands will be the winner!

Japanese card game of animal



《2》Three-of-a-Kind Type

There are different poker hands such as “Pair”, “Two Pair”, “Three of a Kind”, but this game focuses on completing “Three of a Kind”. Complete “Three of a Kind” by having 3 mammal cards or 3 fish cards, etc.
Further details on how to play this game (rules) can be found on the left page.

Birds card

 After learning different number of animal lives that are born, think about the following points next time you have conversation about animals


By understanding different number of babies/eggs of animals that are born, you will:

  • learn about how parents put more effort into raising their children when the number of babies born is smaller.
  • have the opportunity to learn Nature’s wisdoms, such as how parents do anything to protect their babies until the end.
  • have the opportunity to learn about the ecological pyramid in the ecosystem.
  • learn the harsh reality of the ecosystem.
  • use this game as an aid to bring children’s awareness to environmental/marine resources protections. 


Card game "BABIES?"

Product information



“Babies?” is the card game that is based upon numbers of babies/eggs that animals (marsupials, birds, fish, insects, and more) produce!


Total number of cards: 102 cards
      Age group: ages 6 and over 
No. of players: 2 to 4 players 
Designed and created in JAPAN 


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Card game “Babies?” is sold online, so that people who live outside Japan can also purchase it!
We will begin our sales on, and then we will gradually expand the sales area. We also have a plan to sell our products on e-bay, Shopify, and more!



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We referred to many books and documents as we worked on creating this game.
Since there weren’t many books nor documents that focused on/specialized in numbers of babies/eggs of animals (marsupials, birds, fish, insects, etc.), we took some time to gradually collect as much information about the number of babies/eggs of animals from many different bibliographies as possible.

Japanese card game of animals


It was a tough road for us to get to the completion of creating this game, since the number of babies/eggs were different depending on documents we referred to.
On the next page we describe the reasons why different books and documents state different number of babies/eggs for the same animal (marsupial, bird, fish, insect, etc.) together with the actual bibliographies. All bibliographies we referred to are in Japanese language.



 Card Game ”BABIES?”
~How many BABIES?~

- Series 3 -

Japan first card game that’s based on the number of babies & eggs of animals that are born into this world!

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Designed and Created in JAPAN