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Contents of the product


Total number of cards: 102 cards
*All 102 cards are packed inside a paper case (box).


Age group: ages 6 and over 
No. of players: 2 to 4 players 
Designed and created in JAPAN

 1. Cards


Total number of cards: 102 cards

  • ●Animal cards:

  •    100 cards in total

  •    (+2 wild cards)

 *All 102 cards are packed inside a paper case (box).


Cards of Reptiles
Cards of Reptiles

 2. Instruction sheet

  • A4-size instruction sheet has 6 pages in total (a sheet folded into 3 sides that open like double door, with 3 outer pages & 3 inner pages)
  • Outer pages include How to play instructions (rules)
  • Inner pages include list of animal classes etc.
Card Game BABIES?

Designed and Created in JAPAN